OFFROAD lance un mini seed de 350 k€

La société OFFROAD lance le 4.10.2021 un mini seed de 350 000 euros sous forme de BSA Air. Le OnePager est disponible sous http://www.offroad.works/lindustrialisation-des-travaux-publics/ Client relationships based on trust, reliability and consistency Accueil #Construction #Industrie40 #Robotique #IA #Frenchtech

European venture program stephane roecker funding

Shortlisting the next promising TECH companies

What an intense week has just ended! The EVP, a collaboration between 6 leading technical universities in Europe, in which entrepreneurs from these universities go through an acceleration program together, has ended on Friday. 16 companies participated and it seems like their learning and insights, business plan and pitch were transformed during the program. The […]

Business coach for the full proposal to EIC accelerator-Material and AI for the Industry

I am pleased to announce that I am assisting STILRIDE in their application for EIC accelerator funding! To learn more, go to https://www.stilride.com/ STILRIDE was founded to create rides less ordinary: UNCONVENTIONALLY CRAFTED, PERSONAL ELECTRO-MOBILITY machines with minimal environmental footprints. Founded in Sweden in 2019 and headquartered in a semi-secret lair just outside Stockholm, STILRIDE develops sleek electro-mobility […]

Business coach EIC accelerator for the European Commission

I am pleased to announce that I am appointed advisor to help LightSpace Technologies in its development! To learn more, go on https://www.lightspace3d.com/ DEVELOPING TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF AUGMENTED REALITYLightspace Technologies develops AR headsets with superior 3D image quality that is light years ahead of the competition. LightSpace Technologies have signed Grant Agreement No […]

Business coach for the full proposal to EIC accelerator – Robotics for Healthcare

I am pleased to announce that I am assisting BEARCOVER to succeed in their application for an EIC accelerator funding!To learn more, go on https://bearcover.de/ Bearcover supports nursing home staff at night with routine checks and supervision duties. Our robots operate on corridors and perform basic health and movement checks on residents — without entering […]