« It is likely never more important than now for boards of directors and executive management teams to tackle the right questions and jointly guide their organizations toward the next normal ».

Managing through the crisis: 

  1. Boards must strike the right balance between hope for the future and the realism that organizations need to hear
  2. The unknown portion of the crisis may be beyond anything we’ve seen in our professional lives
  3. Beware of a gulf between executives and the rank and file
  4. Don’t overlook the risks faced by self-employed professionals, informal workers, and small businesses
  5. Certain industries and sectors are truly struggling and require support
  6. Mid- to long-term implications and scenarios vary considerably
  7. What went wrong ?
  8. How can we prevent a backlash to globalization?
  9. Companies need help with government
  10. Where will the equity come from, and with what strings attached?
  11. The balance between profits and cash flow is tricky, and essential to get right
  12. It may be time for responsible acquisitions
  13. Cyberrisk is growing
  14. Innovation may never have been so important
  15. The path ahead will surely have ups and downs and will require resilience.

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