Following an EIC Scaling Up coaching, we asked Stéphane Roecker to help us structure a fundraising operation.

In this context, we successfully completed a complex transaction of over € 6 million in February 2023 to give the company the means to deploy its strategy.

Alexis von Tschammer


Stephane's personality allows him to find the right approach to all kinds of egos and characters in the room. He very fast finds issues within the company and advises strategies to follow the right track. Then, through real-life examples and experience, he will point out things that need to be re-evaluated.
I would recommend Stephane Roecker with no questions.
Stephane is able to treat very serious and sensitive questions in a very polite way, always with a smile and a sense of humor. A person which is worth to meet.

Madara Kalnina-Kalnmale

CEO, Lightspace Technologies

I have had the pleasure of working with Stéphane on several large-scale projects. I was particularly impressed by the ease with which he manages complex strategic relationships. It's innate in him. In addition, his ability to handle multiple projects at the same time has increased our productivity considerably.
A more profitable human and business investment!
Stéphane Lepizzera

General Manager, ROCHEX Laboratories

Great input on business strategy and value proposition.
I would recommend Stéphane Roecker for sure; he is energetic, passionate, and knowledgeable!
Jonas Nyvang

Co-founder, STILRIDE

Stéphane has a broad vision of the challenges facing companies in a rapidly changing world, where global growth and resources are limited. He brings a benevolent and structuring view, especially on the definition of your value proposition. I recommend Stéphane without hesitation to build differently after a time of exchange, to have a fresh and expert look at your business, to identify the possible blocking points and to remove the locks to activate the levers of growth. Stéphane is dynamic, active, a good listener, benevolent and motivating.
A dense, punchy, efficient coaching... more business in the end.
Tony Gasseling

CEO, AMCAD Engineering

Stéphane was quite knowledgable in the application process and in helping our teams and the external grant writer bring the application together. This coupled with strong business acumen was a benefit.
I would recommend him to applicants.
Daniel Flynn

Founder & CEO, Bearcover

LightSpace team had the honor to meet an entrepreneurial booster that is Stéphane Roecker!
Thank You, Stéphane, for visiting us, many discussions, and a lot of lateral thinking!
Ilmars Osmanis

Founder & CTO, LightSpace Labs

Stéphane knows the healthcare market and also the SilverEco market very well.
His strength: his expertise in the field of business strategy!
Marc-Antoine Cathelain

Co-founder and General Manager, Connect'Age

Stéphane and I share human values that allow us to motivate and empower our employees while improving the company's performance. He knows how to combine strategic vision and operational excellence.
I highly recommend Stéphane.
Christophe Bertrand

Manager, Simon SAS and Olmiplast

I particularly recommend Stéphane Roecker as a coach and consultant in business strategy. Stéphane Roecker helped our company Minapath to apply for a European grant.

Dr Michel Vincent

CEO, Minapath

I know Stéphane since the HEC Executive MBA where we had the opportunity to appreciate each other. Since then, we have had several opportunities to get to know each other.
I appreciate his technical knowledge and also his personality.

Olivier Jarrousse

Managing Partner (Private Equity), IU Investment

Any founder would be happy to have Stéphane as a partner. Many thanks for your help!

Bruno Duperrier

President, Morphée + SAS

Our first round of financing was largely subscribed with more than 500 k€ of BSA Air. A big thank you to Stéphane ROECKER who has accompanied us since the beginning of the adventure!

Pierre-Adrien Nadal


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