A pitch deck is an essential fundraising tool for startups...and it can't be reduced to a PowerPoint presentation!

Raising money from investors is difficult and time-consuming, so it's crucial for you to show the value of your project through a pitch deck that articulates a compelling and promising opportunity...and it's not about drama or propaganda!

Why is the Pitch Deck important?

The pitch deck is the primary communication tool used by entrepreneurs to reach potential investors, by email or in person.

You usually only have one chance to enter into a discussion!

Every active investor reviews hundreds of startup pitches every month. And 9 out of 10 end up in the trash. Getting an appointment to meet with investors and pitch your idea is already a big achievement for entrepreneurs. What follows is usually a big disappointment, as less than 1% of these entrepreneurs manage to get funded by business angels and only 0.05% manage to get funded by investment funds or VCs.

I propose a clear, simple offer:

Pitch deck review

999 €

100% payment on order

Pitch deck stress test

2 999 €

75% payment on order

Pitch deck reborn

9 999 €

50% payment on order

Pitch deck review: A critical review with my recommendations for improvement.

Pitch deck stress test: A critical review, my recommendations and an in-depth discussion to challenge your proposal.

Pitch deck reborn : We build together your pitch deck from A to Z.

Why should you work with me?

To raise money for your startup, you need to think like an investor. As an early stage investor, I have directly invested in 16 startups to date.

As a member of EBAN, I understand and know the investor ecosystem very well.

As a business and strategy expert for the European Commission's EIC accelerator, I advise technology companies in their fundraising process. This environment is the Champions League of fundraising.

Put yourself in the shoes of an investor and take advantage of my unique expertise to successfully raise funds!