Frequently asked questions

  • +This is the first time I've called on an expert to assist me; how does it work?
    You can decide to be supported over the long term or on short-term targeted issues of your company.
    In the first case, you will benefit from continuous support over a period generally ranging from 6 to 36 months.
    In the second case, you can deal with aspects in the form of one-off actions via the Expertises 4.0 and Check Up Strategy 4.0 services
  • +How much does Stéphane Roecker's expertise cost?
    The services and rates are specified on the corresponding page in the menu.
    It is an expertise combining skills and know-how that are essential in situations where companies are at stake.
    The level of pricing is in line with the opportunities that a collaboration with Stéphane Roecker will allow you to create.
  • +I am already in contact with other people to accompany me; what can Stéphane Roecker bring me?
    Before any sustainable collaboration, an analysis is made to ensure relevance and payback for ambitious entrepreneurs.
    From experience, the fundamental questions that align your ambitions with the relevant experts for their implementation are too often not clarified.
    For example: a chartered accountant will accompany you efficiently on the accounting of your company, a lawyer specialized in social law will accompany you on the aspects related to the regulation of the labor law.
    Who will accompany you effectively to implement your ambition and hoist the sails in the direction of the wind?
  • +I am accompanied by the CCI of my region; why is it useful to call on Stéphane Roecker?
    Your CCI certainly provides you with a lot of information and probably offers you to attend many events. In some cases, this may be a good idea.
    As soon as you go beyond this stage, the question of strategic and operational expertise arises: this is closely linked to the person who will be at your side.
    Stéphane Roecker offers unique skills, a powerful ecosystem in the emerging world and an accreditation that is at the level of the European Commission.
  • +Why is it important to use a trusted third party such as Stéphane Roecker?
    The prerequisite for any successful collaboration is a sufficient level of trust between us.
    As you probably do not know the experts with whom you are collaborating intimately, it seems important to me that you are reassured on such fundamental critical points as :
    - the level of confidentiality
    - moral probity
    - economic independence
    - technical excellence.
    Beyond the academic titles that obviously reflect an indisputable expertise such as the HEC Paris diploma, it is important to understand that being accredited at the highest European level guarantees that the reality is in conformity with the discourse.
    Accreditations also guarantee that your level of expertise is continuously updated: this is an essential condition to support you and build your future. Too many experts often tend to talk about their own achievements while ignoring the profound changes underway, the acceleration of technological developments and the rapid modification of companies' usual markets.
  • +What guarantees me that it will work?
    The Germans tend to say "man muss sterben", with the idea that the only thing inescapable in life is death and that everything else is a matter of choice. The choices we make every day, every moment: you have the choice to take a decisive step to be accompanied by an expert with
    with unique skills.
    This choice will allow you to maximize your chances of success, to create a future of your own design.
  • +I understand that the services offered are expert services; can I afford Stéphane Roecker's services?
    Quality has a price. The expertise I bring will propel you to another level of excellence.
    You will obtain a significant leverage effect with an exceptional payback.
    If you wish to create the conditions for your ambition, you can contact me in various ways: contact form, telephone interview or by testing my services for short-term issues.
  • +Why are Stéphane Roecker's networks important?
    Quality networks such as HEC Paris, European Commission and affiliates, Innosuisse, MIT Boston... allow you to act faster, knock on the right doors and create a favorable climate for high-stakes discussions.
    When combined with several years of practice with Stéphane Roecker in successful projects, they help accelerate your ambitions.
  • +Is my geographical location a determining factor in being able to call on Stéphane Roecker?
    It is important to be able to establish a relationship of trust and nothing can replace human contact; this is why I prefer physical meetings whenever the issue at stake justifies it.
    The entrepreneurs I accompany appreciate the high added value I bring to preparatory meetings, strategic committees, administrative committees and negotiations (financing, partnership, distribution contract, joint-venture...).
    In the connected world in which we evolve, it is also necessary to be able to use modern communication tools such as video conferencing (Zoom, GoToWebinar) and project management tools such as Slack and Trello.
    I propose to accompany you by combining these approaches, which allows me to help you everywhere in Europe and to project myself in the rest of the world.
  • +Stéphane Roecker is an expert in business and strategy; what is the difference with other types of consulting?
    I accompany you in high-stakes situations to hoist the sails in the direction of the wind... and allow you to create your future.
    I don't do your accounting... I finalize a business plan.
    I don't write your contracts...I bring you the vision to establish the architecture and accompany you during negotiations.
    I don't invite you to a masterclass...I train and inform you in such a way that you appropriate part of my expertise.
    I do not sell you indirect services...I act in transparency and independence in your sole interest.
    I do not flatter you...I will always be your itching powder to help you achieve your ambition.
    I don't apply the "just do it" approach...I will always be at your side to implement your ambition.
  • +I started my business several years ago; is it worthwhile to call on Stéphane Roecker?
    The world is in perpetual motion, technology is evolving at an exponential rate... your business will be affected sooner or later.
    It is not a question of predicting the future, but of creating one that matches your ambitions.
  • +I am at the project stage and am about to launch my startup; is it worthwhile to call on Stéphane Roecker?
    I can bring you a strategic vision, save you precious time, perhaps make you aware of death traps and most certainly create the opportunities that will finance your ambitions.
  • +I am considering selling my company; is it worthwhile to call on Stéphane Roecker?
    With more than forty M&A transactions to my credit, I am an expert in accompanying you in such a sensitive operation.
    I can provide you with a broader scope, a preparation and a very early mark-up to create together a maximum of opportunities in the window of opportunity that you set for yourself.